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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? [PODCAST #573]

(Please listen in stereo or with headphones) A conversation about a unique city and its friendliest neighborhood. Zak Slayback and Andrew Mercer are back to discuss the new Fred Rogers documentary, Won't You Be My Neighbor. The first hour of our discussion sets the scene in Pittsburgh; we talk in great detail about the city's culture, industry, geography, past, present and future. In hour two we'll explore Fred Rogers as an exemplar of the Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, his persuasive skills and his approach to child development. Won't You Be My Neighbor Trailer Please Support School Sucks We do cool things! Thanks to your support. School Sucks is one of the longest running liberty-minded podcasts on the web, and the ...

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138: Cevin Soling – The War On Kids

Cevin Soling, the director of the documentary The War On Kids joins me to discuss the film, his research and the pathologizing of normal youth behavior. Fortunately the 2009 film is now back in the news. Bumper Music: "Living In A Box" by Living In A Box Look Closer: thewaronkids.com Colbert Report http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/256926/november-30-2009/cevin-soling The War On Kids (Trailer)

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