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[PODCAST] #421: The Creative Pursuit – Applied Rule Transgression, With Davi Barker

#SSPCreate Back by popular demand, Davi Barker! I originally wanted to include Davi, a graphic designer by trade, in this conversation because he often has to be creative with a deadline. That's something I'm not very good at. Also discussed: -zombies and the failure of democracy -Davi discusses his trilogy, Survivor Max -hyper-stimulation -creativity on command -juxtaposition and "enhanced collage" -going freelance -imperfection behind the scenes -what do you do to get into your creative zone? -how do you deal with creativity blocks? -what do you do to keep yourself motivated? -"playing in public" -Davi's experiences teaching art -what's your favorite creation? Enhanced Collage Examples: Look Closer: Davi's Site Davi's Portfolio Davi's Books Bitcoin Not Bombs ShinyBadges.com Davi Barker On ...

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