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[BONUS] Steve Patterson Interview: How Would You Debate Thaddeus Russell?

(AUDIO, 92 MINUTES) Steve Patterson joins me to discuss how he would approach a debate with Thaddeus Russell, or anyone who denies objective truth. Per listener requests, a conversation between Steve and Thad is in the works for the near future. In this audio, Steve responds to School Sucks Podcast #310a: Thaddeus Russell Q&A (Part 1): Why Libertarians Should Absolutely Be Relativists, recorded in 2014. I ask him how he would have approached this discussion. We discuss metaphysical and linguistic truth, extreme skepticism, objectivity vs. subjectivity, correspondence theory, the question "is there an objective truth?" and "can we access it?", Steve's idea of the objectivity of subjectivity, consciousness, the philosophy of language, the history and political utility of postmodernism, conspiracy, ...

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