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162 (Supplemental): A God-Damned Piece Of Paper – Larken Rose Versus A Caller

Topics: The authority of the constitution is one of my least favorite subjects, but we decided to give a listener almost 50 minutes to make his case. This show is 2 selected clips from the 9-6-12 live show and the After School (Sucks) Special. School Sucks is live on the Liberty Radio Network and UStream Thursdays at 10pm EST. Look Closer: Attacking the Sacred, By Larken Rose http://boldvoices.tv/content/attacking-sacred-larken-rose No Treason The Constitution of No Authority, by Lysander Spooner http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig4/spooner1.html

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120: Live Show #1, Hour 1 – The Constitution of No Authority

This is hour one of Gardner Goldsmith's Liberty Conspiracy live show. I am tentatively planning to do this once per week. The show airs Sunday through Thursday at 10pm EST on the Liberty Radio Network. Topic: We start out coming a story about Senator Rand Paul being detained by the TSA, and then expand the discussion to include the history of government regulation of air travel, the efficacy and legitimacy of the US Constitution, and the concept of collectivism. Look Closer: Liberty Conspiracy Website http://libertyconspiracy.com/ Gardner On School Sucks Podcast 028 - Let's Make A Hero! (FDR) https://www.schoolsucksproject.com/podcasts/29 Gardner On School Sucks Podcast 027 - Let's Make A Hero! (Abraham Lincoln) https://www.schoolsucksproject.com/podcasts/28

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