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[PODCAST] #522: Devin Fraze – A Life Worth Reading About

(#SchoolSucksAcrossAmerica - DAY TEN - OCT 24 - Touring the Columbus Learning Co-Op in Columbus, OH) This great connection might have never happened without the SSAA tour. Devin Fraze is the founder and director of the Columbus Learning Co-Op. He was once on track to become a certified public school math teacher, but he chose to opt out of college and pursue his own path. This story is amazing. Devin and I discuss our similar paths away from classroom teaching, John Taylor Gatto, religion, stoicism, problems with math instruction, overcoming self-doubt, and the future of self-directed learning. Our conversation also includes the 2 questions: - What is your "school sucks" story? In other words, how did you come to realize ...

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