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[PODCAST] #373b: CONSPIRA-THON (The Prequel) – Political and Cultural Typologies

Australian researcher Nick Ulbrick, aka "The Transcendental Tangent General" joins me for another long-form conversation on the topic of "conspiracy theories," which he refers to as "conspiracy narratives." Nick has worked in the university system as a Teacher’s Assistant (called Tutor in Victoria). In the past, he was an artist liaison at major music festivals and has also made 10 feature length documentaries following the Australian Motorsports scene (which can be found at www.hpheaven.com.au). His interest in alternative media was fostered through the works of Tragedy and Hope, James Corbett and School Sucks. ty·pol·o·gy tīˈpäləjē/ noun: typology; plural noun: typologies a classification according to general type, especially in archaeology, psychology, or the social sciences. "a typology of Saxon cremation vessels" ...

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