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Jeremy Stuart – Unschooling Comes To the Big Screen [PODCAST #589]

Jeremy Stuart is the director of the 2015 documentary film Class Dismissed and the upcoming follow-up film Self-Taught (2019). Class Dismissed is a film about learning outside the classroom, while Self-Taught examines self-directed learning outcomes through the lives of six adult unschoolers. Jeremy already had 25 years of experience in the film industry before making his directorial debut with Class Dismissed. We'll talk about how he came to embrace these ideas, who influenced him, and how the film took shape over four years. Jeremy is also the father of a 14-year-old unschooled daughter, who is "learning from experiences in life." We talk about some of the unschooling challenges including failure, distraction and boredom. Please Visit Jeremy's Kickstarter and Help Him ...

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