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[HOW-TO] Keenevention Media Panel 11-1-14

With Stephanie Murphy, Christopher Cantwell, Garrett Ean and Brett Veinotte. Hosted by Mark Edge. Topics include marketing, monetization, production, advice for beginners, long-term goals Stream it here or get the A/V CLUB download link: HERE Learn More About: Stephanie Murphy Christopher Cantwell Garrett Ean Mark Edge

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Podcast #302: FREE A/V – Thick vs. Thin Libertarians, and Much More (With Thaddeus, Antigone and Carlos)

WARNING: Very strong language. A new feature: Twice monthly, School Sucks will release a piece of premium content in the podcast feed. You can access hundreds of hours of additional audio and video by signing up for the A/V Club. This is the third installment: Audio of the After School Sucks Special from 6-13-14, with Thaddeus Russell, Antigone Darling and Carlos Morales "Life is too short for Alex Jones." - Thaddeus Russell Discussed: -Evernote vs. outlines -Thad's dangerous "freedom of slavery" argument -Public relations -Chris Cantwell -Porcfest -Cathy Reisenwitz -Thin vs. thick libertarianism -Thad's impressions of Ayn Rand -Lew Rockwell and Alex Jones -The New World Order and the Progressive agenda -9/11 truth -Rothbard: Wall Street, Banks and American Foreign ...

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