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[PODCAST] #359: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience (Part 5 – Elephant In the Room)

With Wes Bertrand and Matt Amberson Discussed Today: -If there is a Liberty Movement, is it moving? Why not? -NVC and trauma: Rosenberg’s disconnection (and lack of philosophical clarity) -recent ”mind control” and “manipulation” claims -the trauma cycle: shame, dishonesty (with self and others), more shame, inauthenticity, defense and disconnection -how to heal, the 7th Pillar of Self-Esteem 6 PSYCHOLOGICAL WOUNDS (from unmet needs): 1-formation of a false-self (in order to survive) 2-excessive shame 3-excessive guilt 4-excessive fears 5-reality distortion (like denial) 6-problems with trust (trusting too easily and being or not trusting trustworthy people and being isolated) 7-difficulty feeling your emotions; being numb—and/or difficulty bonding with others and tolerating healthy intimacy REQUISITES FOR RECOVERY: -awareness… -knowledge… -recruit inner strength ...

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[PODCAST] #357: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience (Part 4 – Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Action)

With Wes Bertrand and Matt Amberson Discussed Today: Review -This study is a great way to introduce the importance of childhood experiences to our lives. -ACE shows clearly that what happens affects our later years. -Childhood treatment is important to the health of the individual. -Two thirds of us have some ACE but all of us are subject to counterproductive childhood experiences. -What affects us is what was done to us but also what wasn't done. -We need touch, play, nurturing to thrive. -These affect us in a continuum from addiction to smaller irrational behaviors. -ACE is great to show the correlation but there is a whole lot more on the continuum. -ASK because we ACT. -Bias to sickness, abuse ...

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