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[PODCAST] #510: Lessons From Summer That We Can Apply To the Fall (With Thaddeus Russell)

Professor Thaddeus Russell returns to discuss cause and effect, the jarring events of August, what's coming in September and what it all might mean for the future. Opening Sequence: Cause and effect in European identity politics Announcement: The Next Renegade University and School Sucks Project event is happening this November 10-12 in Los Angeles. We go over the seminar topics. For more information or to secure your spot, go to ThaddeusRussell.com/LosAngeles Discussion: - Extremism, left and right - The race war is the academic left's creation - Most Marxists wish to ignore race entirely - Does American popular culture still have a liberating quality? - Dave Smith, a rare voice in comedy - has the establishment co-opted the renegade? - ...

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[PODCAST] #509: Conflicts Without Protagonists

Today, another story about a "by any means necessary" approach to fighting Nazis... Manuel Pasquale returns for a discussion about Fascism, Communism and the lessons WWII can teach us about dividing the world into good and evil. We focus our story around the dangerous mythology of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who is the subject of two feature films this year. Manuel's YouTube Channel Highlights: - Monologue: "Good and Evil" in Charlottesville - modern Western mythology is used to sell imperialist pursuits - Why are 2 Churchill movies (and Dunkirk) coming out this year? - World War II precipitated the downfall of western civilization - Who was Winston Churchill? - Hitler's aversion to a two front war - Defending Poland's "sovereignty" ...

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