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073: Bush and Obama Join Forces For Liberty Podcasts!!! (Obviously Not Real)

School Sucks has been nominated for Podcast Awards in the Education and Best Produced categories. Voting begins December 1st and runs through the 15th. You can vote once a day! Please consider voting for... Best Produced: School Sucks People's Choice: Freedomain Radio Politics: Wheels Off Liberty or Free Talk Live Cultural/Arts: Pirates of Savannah Education: School Sucks or Freedomain Radio Health: Healthy Mind, Fit Body Comedy: Joe Rogan Please Vote! Podcast Awards: 2010 Nominations are Now Open! http://podcastawards.com/ Please Join! PodCastAwards.com voting bomb! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=180348121975545&index=1

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035: Problem. Reaction. Solution.

(American History F-ed #7) The seventh installment in a series of shows about government school's history curriculum. We'll explore the lies, myths, omissions and distortions used to indoctrinate blind patriotism (aka nationalism aka mysticism). Critical Thinking Question: Statism appears to be only example of a system of ongoing attack and predation where the aggressors seem to be more fearful of victims than the victims are of the aggressors. How do the aggressors manage these fears? Topic: An email from a listener gets me thinking about conspiracy theories. We'll divert our attention from the roots of the tree I like to think we're chopping at, to jump down a nearby rabbit hole. Let's see where it takes us! -Vietnam -Iraq and ...

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