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[BONUS] PHILOS-A-THON – Part Three – The Eye Behind the Mask

Mattheus von Guttenberg joins me for a casual exploration of the history of philosophy, and of his own development as a thinker. Discussed In Part Three: -Free will continued -Taoism and Hinduism -The work and influence of Alan Watts -Monism vs. Dualism -What's behind Buddhism? -My most valuable take-aways from Eastern Philosophy -The masks we wear? -Can we move from Eastern Metaphysics to Eastern Epistemology? Is there such a thing? CLICK HERE if the player does not appear.

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[PODCAST] #341: Making Progress With Meditation

Kyle Davis of The Atisha Kadampa Buddhist Center returns to continue our discussion about meditation. I have been practicing regularly for 4-5 months now and I have a few new questions and observations. Kyle originally appeared on episode #275:A Better State of Mind: Introduction to Meditation A review of the basics and what we covered last time: -it is an active process -trying to strengthen the mind -contemplation - bringing in an idea or feeling -the placement -holding it there -It's a practice, it takes work and time, feel clumsy -posture, body as an antenna, be comfortable and alert, straight back -have the body in a way that it can stay still, legs crossed -rest eyes with a little light ...

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