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Brett On The Liberty Cats (With Brian Hagen)

On this May 13th edition of the Liberty Cats, Brett Veinotte, of the School Sucks Podcast fills in for Tarrin, who’s away in China. Brett talks to Brian about strip clubs, education, and the joys of playing with dolls. Liberty Cats Archives: http://dailypaulradio.com/on-demand/liberty-cats-on-demand-archives/

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188: Disinformation On Purpose Or Just By Accident? (Aftershow 7-26-12)

By popular demand: another show about Alex Jones. This is an After School Sucks Special recorded on July 26th, 2012, shortly after the shooting in Colorado. Brian Hagen, Allen Murdoch and I discuss various concerns and criticisms of Alex Jones and infowars.com. This is optional listening. Look Closer: Join the A/V Club Logical Fallacies Handlist Cognitive Distortions InfoWars The Skeptical Libertarian Wheels Off Liberty

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149g (Porcfest Micro-Series): Adults-Only Friday Night – Wheels Off Liberty and the Roast

Warning: Extremely Explicit Content 9pm: "Alex Jones" Exposes Wheels Off Liberty As Shills of the New World Order -with Brian Hagen, Tarrin Lupo, George Mandrik, and Brett Veinotte With Tarrin Lupo With Brian Hagen, who played Alex Jones 10pm: The Roast of Christopher Lawless (Highlights) -"Alex Jones" introduces Bob Murphy -Bob Murphy explains what a roast is -Dan D'Amico > Stefan Molyneux > Brett Veinotte

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