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[PODCAST] #402: Setting and Achieving Goals (2 of 2) – Ten Tips For Success In 2016

SSP Productivity Month! Nathan Fraser from Anarcho-Preneur Podcast joins me to discuss how to set and accomplish our goals. This show covers specific tips and strategies. The last show focused on obstacles. Covered: -the difference between a dream and a goal -the comfort zone -overwhelm -specificity -capturing goals -reviewing goals -how goals become actions -mentors and accountability partners -share your goals selectively -the benefits of mistakes This month SSP has partnered with FEE, the Foundation For Economic Education. Learn More about FEE's seminars here. Today's Show is also brought to you by Chris H. from Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks Chris for your contribution to SSP! Bumper Music: Lupe Fiasco - "Till I Get There" Look Closer: Anarcho-Preneur Podcast - http://livefreefm.com/index.php?podcast=153 The ...

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