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Podcast #290: The Hazards of Disconnection – Two Conversations and An Article (With Darrell Becker, Mark Edge and Ian Freeman)

A very long, winding, rather personal, lightly edited show addressing the dangers of social isolation and interpersonal disconnection. It expands into other topics from there. Outline: Opening Monologue (START-0:06:59) Free Talk Live warm-up discussion on isolation (0:07:00-0:33:30) Reading/discussing the articleHow Extreme Isolation Warps the Mind (0:33:30-1:09:45) Further discussion With Darrell Becker (1:09:45-END) Discussion: -Calm through context -Isolation diminishes our standards for connection -Positive and negative experiences with psychedelics -Asocial vs. antisocial -From cynicism to social isolation -How romantic relationships can take us away from ourselves -Darrell investigates the Free Keene conflict and attempts to connect -Gratitude -Using logical and emotional tools -When people become abstractions -The island of the individual -Illusions of balance in life -Compliments and their motivations -Brett's ...

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