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Podcast #267a: Carlos Morales – Truth, Comfort and Child Protective Services (2014 Liberty Forum Interview)

Carlos Morales of Truth Over Comfort Podcast joins us to discuss his goals with the Blue Ridge Liberty Project and his experience working inside Child Protective Services in Texas. Previous Discussions: 1. 222 (Supplemental): Brett On The Renegade Variety Hour 2. Empathizing with “The Enemy” (Brett On The Renegade Variety Hour, Part 2) 3. 228 Porcfest Interview: Conspiracy Theorists vs. Skeptics Bumper Music: "Live Your Life (Instrumental)" by TI Look Closer: Carlos On YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSosyewZ2gMdbS1JlSIGkVw Blue Ridge Liberty Project - http://www.blueridgelibertyproject.com/

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