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208: Whole Parents – With Dayna Martin

A long-overdue conversation with Dayna Martin, author of Radical Unschooling: Topics: -Dayna discusses her family's recent appearance on the ABC reality show, Wife Swap -How do you prepare children for public scrutiny -The Life Rocks Conference -Outreach and advocacy in different situations -Tragic misconceptions about the role of a parent -Nonviolent Communication Look Closer: The Martins On Wife Swap (Full Episode) - http://abc.go.com/watch/wife-swap/SH5539547/VDKA0_lgk9v6h5/avery-lamb--martin Dayna's Site - http://daynamartin.com/ Martin Family Blog - http://thesparklingmartins.blogspot.com/

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069: A History Teacher Walks Away…(Addendum)

Addendum: This part was cut out of the conversation but I thought it was worth hearing. Topic: Today I discuss collective and authoritarian schooling with a veteran teacher who walked away from the public school setting just four weeks into his new job. Rich Nastro explains why he did this, and what he saw while he was there. Please Vote! Nominations close on November, 21st. Podcast Awards: 2010 Nominations are Now Open! http://podcastawards.com/

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005: Authoritarian Absurdities vs. The Philosophy of Liberty

A Young Person's Guide to Politics III(Conclusion) Critical Thinking Question: WHO is the owner of YOU? Topic: A comparison between a cluster of degrading and crippling ideas (referenced throughout the show as the "Authoritarian Absurdities") which I believe are prerequisites for embracing the political process and...The Philosophy of Liberty, based on the principles of self-ownership and property rights. A brief discussion of popular rationalizations for these absurdities and my rebuttals. Bumper Music: Steve Winwood "Different Light" http://www.stevewinwood.com/ Look Closer: The Philosophy of Liberty (Video) By Ken Schoolland and Lux Lucre More About Ken Schoolland http://www.jonathangullible.com/ Hans Hoppe: The Economics of World Government (Audio) http://www.lewrockwell.com/podcast/?p=episode&name=2009-08-18_130_the_economics_of_world_government.mp3 Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Archives (Past articles by Hans-Hermann Hoppe on LewRockwell.com) http://www.lewrockwell.com/hoppe/hoppe-arch.html Democracy: The God That Failed ...

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