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This Is A Test (Part 3) With Darrell Becker [PODCAST #662]

We're about to make some work for you. In this show and the next, we'll begin putting alternative medical voices head-to-head with their critics. That's preceded by a one-hour lead-in where we discuss developments since our last recording six weeks ago, perception management, relationship stress-testing through crisis and polarization, the societal waves we're all currently trying to surf, David Icke on London Real, pessimism, and much more. Your Homework: Dr. Andrew Kaufman's Original Covid-19 Claims Rebuttal Videos: Synthesized In A Larger Research Project HERE: The Corona Conspiracy Part 1: Corona, Oxygen, 5G, The Paranoid Worldview of David Icke Other Parts of That Project: Part 2: Debunking Andrew Kaufman's Virus Equals Exosome Hypothesis Part 3: We Need to Talk about Exosomes ...

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