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[PODCAST] #443: The Seventh Pillar of Self-Esteem – (Part 2) How Self-Knowledge Fosters Self-Education and Individualism

Wes Bertrand and I reboot our series based on Nathaniel Branden's book, Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. This extension to the original series focuses on Branden's concluding chapter and what he calls the "seventh pillar." We will be reviewing each of the six pillars; the previous discussions focused on the what and the why of those practices, and this time we turn our attention to the how. INTRO MONTAGE: Collectivism pulls us away from pursuits of self-knowledge, self-assertiveness and self-actualization, away from becoming who we are. The easiest forms of collectivism to carelessly embrace are tribalism and racism. Pseudo-self-esteem is often the result of such embrace. This montage is a 2016 update on Rand's thoughts on racism, Branden's 1971 warnings about ...

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