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[PODCAST] #417: The Creative Pursuit – Introduction, Definitions and Useful Models

#SSPCreate In this introduction to March's theme, I discuss the problems I am aiming to address, a brief history of creativity as a concept, what creativity is, and three helpful models for self-evaluation and conscious improvement. Covered: - Am I out of ideas? - Creativity is relatively new in human history - "The Art of Thought" - A Pioneering Model of the Four Stages of Creativity, from a Fabian Socialist named Graham Wallas (1926) - Ad man James Webb Young's "A Technique for Producing Ideas" (1939) - Ad man Alex Osborn's "Creative Problem-Solving Process" (1953) - Let's not forget about Sir Ken Robinson Bumper Music: Electric Guest - "This Head I Hold" Look Closer: 6 Obstacles to Creative Thinking and ...

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