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[PODCAST] #319: Autonomy Through Agorism (Part 5) – Bitcoin’s Path To Greatness

AGORISM - Mattheus von Guttenburg joins me in the studio to resume our exploration of agorism. Mattheus is a writer for Bitcoin Magazine, Mises.org and EconomicThought.net, and he is here to discuss the past, present and future of Bitcoin. Discussed: -HISTORY: What did fiat currency do to the world in the 20th century? -Bitcoin and agorism: Agorism usually thought of on the small scale, but now international trade is possible on an individual level -Bitcoin’s assets – transparency, speed, reliability, and privacy -how agorism develops around the world, necessity -how much capital moves through agorist markets on a global scale? The Pac-Man analogy: Mattheus recently wrote in The Path To Greatness: "Bitcoin is Pacman. It upgrades by consuming delicious and ...

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