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[PODCAST] #482: Thaddeus Russell vs. Academic Conformism – Part Three – Audience Questions Answered

Historian and Professor Thaddeus Russell returns for a three-part discussion about problems in academia and the challenges facing this generation of college students. What's new? Thaddeus has launched the first phase of his Renegade University. Listener Questions We Address: Peter M. - Is intellectual conformism among academics a purely academic problem, or does it extend into other social/intellectual spheres? How do we actively combat it, and what does he plan to do to make sure that the same problem doesn't evolve at Renegade? Phillip F. - Great question. Maybe Renegade (and other universities) can somehow incentivize intellectual diversity? Patrick E. - I'd be interested in his thoughts on accreditation or some equivalent in a post university future. David G. - ...

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