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126: Logical Fallacies Series Preview – Two Minutes With Mitt Romney

Today's installment is a preview of the upcoming series on logical fallacies. This series will probably begin some time in March. Topic: I examine a clip of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney slithering his way through a statement defending his support of the National Defense Authorization Act. Before being asked if he would have signed the bill as written, the moderator explains how the NDAA includes the new executive power to indefinitely detain American citizens. Romney don't care. His response is less than two minutes and contains over 20 logical fallacies. Bumper Music: "Rebirth of Slick" Digable Planets Look Closer: Logical Fallacies Basics http://onegoodmove.org/fallacy/toc.htm Mitt Romney: Champion of Big Government http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig4/howell5.html Romney as Job Creator Clashes with Bain Record of ...

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