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2021: Now School Sucks For Everyone [PODCAST #701]

Jay, The Honest Teacher returns almost exactly one year after our last conversation. A lot has changed - if you haven't heard - since February 2020, so I asked him to offer some up close and personal accounts (from students and from his observations) about how institutional schooling has become even more of a dystopian nightmare. Unfortunately now more than ever, school continues to make good on its promise to mold children into "good" citizens. But is there a silver lining? Jay says yes. The Honest Teacher: On Minds On Facebook On Patreon Our Previous Conversations:

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012: Why the Future Won’t Be Like 1984

Critical and Creative Thinking Exercise: Imagine a free world... Topic: Wes Bertrand and I continue our discussion about conformity and collectivism. Wes touches on the impact of the family in conformity. (Part 2 of 2) This episode also includes some discussion about self-esteem, self-worth, and honoring the imagination and individualism of others. (NOTE: I have to apologize for a few snaps, crackles and pops; I was experimenting with a different call-recording process) Bumper Music: "Who Are You" The Who http://www.thewho.com/ Look Closer: Complete Liberty: The Demise of the State and the Rise of Voluntary America by Wes Bertrand http://completeliberty.com/contents.php Imagine A Free World (From Complete Liberty) http://completeliberty.com/chapter4.php#91 Complete Liberty Podcast http://completeliberty.libsyn.com/ Apple - 1984 (YouTube) Steve Jobs demos Apple Macintosh, ...

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