[SUPPLEMENTAL] #545: Just Let Me Draw Please. This Is Important.


Here are some highlights of my recent interview on the new and rapidly growing Free Man Beyond the Wall Podcast.

Mance and I discuss our experiences as students, and I share a story about the intense desire I felt as a teenager to create and produce things that were meaningful for me, even if they meant nothing to anyone else. Unfortunately, my needs for self-efficacy and output were met by demands to relegate my mind to being a stationary receptacle for meaningless crap.

Mance discusses what he learned from having a lucrative job at very young age, and I relay my recent experiences visiting alternate education centers that prioritize real world immersion. One of the main themes in this show is the importance of offering young people opportunities to engage in meaningful, creative and productive activity. Unfortunately, even college students are not getting enough access to such opportunities.

We also cover my work as a tutor, and how it revealed to me some of public school's subtle messages and programming. School obviously does not work for everybody, even from subject to subject, and students should not feel defective because of certain "failures" in that environment. This realization provides an important foundation for discovering alternative education solutions.

Mance asks me I think most teachers realize what they're doing to kids through the schooling process. We discuss the obstacles for teachers when it comes to living consciously and standing up against what the system compels them to do.

Also Covered:
- College culture
- Zero Tolerance
- How many people will it take to make a change?
- a better credential than a college degree

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