[SUPPLEMENTAL] #323: Brett On The Tom Woods Show – Schooling vs. Education


There’s more to education than formal schooling. It’s time to embrace better, more effective, and more humane models of education, says Brett Veinotte.

-The iTunes Education category
-what is real education?
-what about learning essential skills?
-curiosity and motivation are great teachers
-a brief history of the podcast
-a doorway into the philosophy of liberty
-mistakes homeschoolers make
-connecting with other home-educators
-education in the Free State Project
-what are the obstacles to pursuing home education

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Podcast 303: School vs. Education

Ep. 303 School vs. Education

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  1. Hi Brett,

    Glad Tom had you on his show. I emailed him multiple times to help get you on. I think it went well.


  2. Hey Brett,
    I’d like to recommend to your listeners who might have qualms about a “hands off but ready when you need me” type of home based education a great book which helped alleviate a lot of my own fears when withdrawing my children from public school. It’s by Peter Gray, a bio-psychology professor and the title is “Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life.” It demonstrates the flaws in the way our society views education and emphasizes that true learning comes when an individual is allowed the freedom to navigate their own path. Thanks!

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