Puke And the Gang Live From Porcfest! (With Brett, Bob Murphy, Ian Freeman and Many Others)


This has nothing to do with education. In fact, listening to it will make you dumber. I come on at 26:10

Puke refers to Porcfest as "Pukefest"
Here's their notes:

Recording Date - 22 / June / 20123
Music picked by - [Andrew] The Gang - Puke, Andrew, Nick

Live from PUKE-FEST 2013 (Summer Mosquito Edition)

Featuring Special Guests:

Robert P. Murphy - (Austrian Economist / Author)
Brett Veinotte ------ (School Sucks Project)
Ian Freeman ------- (Free Talk Live)
Dale Everett -------- (Flaming Freedom / Anarchy in Your Head)
Neal Jayu ----------- (Flaming Freedom)
listener Tom -------- (Provider of booze!)
listener Dante ------ (He’s been to the orgy tent!)
listener Nichole ------ (She’s also a 2 percenter!)

Intro Song -

[artist] Bad Religion
[song] True North

Weekly Ramblings -

Puke-fest X (We were there!) (Some call it Porcfest; they have been banned.)
Ticks on your balls.
Trying to get the laser ad right.

Curmudgeon Corner -

[andrew] Why can’t houses be more like hotels?
[puke] Hotel rooms need a box fan or some other sort of white noise maker
[nr] Dammit! Silver prices fall.

Shove it in your pie-hole -

[drinks provided by listener Tom] Kamikaze shots and other assorted booze
[drinks provided by listener Andrew] Franziskaner Weissbier
[smoke] Padron cigars and many a cigarette

Break Song -

[artist] Bad Religion
[song] Robin Hood in Reverse

News -

[nr] Ghosts in the shitter.

Outro Plugs -

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Outro Song -

[artist] Bad Religion
[song] Dept. of False Hope

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