Gene Odening joins me to elucidate a time tested method of self-education.

-The Classical Trivium vs the Trivium Method
-What is General Grammar?
-The Lost Tools of Learning, by Dorothy Sayers
-Examples of how General Grammar is applied to the study of a subject
-What happened to the seven liberal arts?
-the servile arts vs. the liberal arts
-General Grammar vs. Special Grammar
Law of Non-Contradiction (38:00)
contradictions exist only within the mind of man through the misuse
of free will (misinterpretations). Logic is meant to minimize these misinterpretations.

Truth vs Belief (41:50)
One of the most overused words without an definition attached is "truth"
truth: a proposition in correspondence with objective, factual reality (i.e., a conceptual statement with no innate disagreements)

English is a confusing language, denotation and connotation

The 4 components of logic
What is reasoning? (53:50)
a) The Rules of Deductive Reasoning - mentally taking ideas apart
b) The Rules of Inductive Reasoning- mentally putting ideas together
c) The Rules of definition - genus and differentia (1:06:00)
d) Informal Fallacies overview (1:11:00)
-Fallacies of Relevance
-Fallacies of Presumption
-Fallacies of Ambiguity

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