[PODCAST] #510: Lessons From Summer That We Can Apply To the Fall (With Thaddeus Russell)


Professor Thaddeus Russell returns to discuss cause and effect, the jarring events of August, what's coming in September and what it all might mean for the future.

Opening Sequence:
Cause and effect in European identity politics

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- Extremism, left and right
- The race war is the academic left's creation
- Most Marxists wish to ignore race entirely
- Does American popular culture still have a liberating quality?
- Dave Smith, a rare voice in comedy
- has the establishment co-opted the renegade?
- Good and evil, Charlottesville, WWII
- Collectivism, achieving an unearned sense of superiority
- The Cantwell tragedy
- the expansion of the definition of "enemy"
- Reactionaries and echos of WWII
- The consequences of driving ideas into the darkness
- Would Thad have a white nationalist on Unregistered?
- remembering anti-authoritarianism
- Charlottesville psy-op? Just asking.
- Cointelpro tactics lived beyond the 60s and 70s
- The Vice documentary vs. The Washington Post piece "The Road To Hate"
- The race war theater and "morality plays"

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  1. Ishmael Reed’s Mumbo Jumbo is the book that connects the Afro-Jazz movement of the early 20th c./Harlem Ren with the Illuminati of ancient Egypt. Thad will agree: it’s all about Aton. Before Plato and Moses there was Osiris and Set. Well worth exploring for those who wish to go beyond Christian home schooling.

  2. In terms of comedy and race relations, i found the work of Jamali Maddix educational and entertaining. He did a documentary with VICE called “Hate Thy Neighbour’, where he interviews members of hate groups all over the world and tries to understand them and even become friends with them. I think it was on Netflix.

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