[PODCAST] #498: Daniel Ameduri – Self-Directed Financial Education


Daniel Ameduri is entrepreneur, investor and the President of Future Money Trends. He joins me today to discuss teenage entrepreneurship, self-directed learning and being a You Tube pioneer.

Dan's You Tube Channel:

- If You Want to Be Rich & Happy Don't Go to School
- The influence of Robert Kiyosaki
- The college drop-in
- School in the way of Dan's learning
- Dan's wife left a career as public school teacher to home-educate their children; she had a lot to unlearn
- real estate investing and flipping
- 10 years ago... Dan takes his warnings of a real estate bubble to You Tube
- intellectual dependence exacerbates the financial crisis
- The value of college; Dan's advice to high school students
- Freelance economy, diversified income streams
- Investing mindset, don't gamble

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