[PODCAST] #494: Fast Friends With Hunter Maats


Author, teacher and podcaster Hunter Maats joins me for a fun and challenging marathon conversation. Hunter and I discover lots of areas of disagreement, but our exploration into our differences has just begun. Hunter is the co-author of The Straight A Conspiracy and the co-host of the Mixed Mental Arts Podcast.

Hour One:
- The elephant and the rider
- the academic "rope-a-dope"
- Humanity's first family dinner
- using ridicule against social justice warring
- College kids and their feelings
- Getting podcast guests to be vulnerable
- The FDA and the market demand for government

Hour Two:
- The Straight A Conspiracy?
- learning, unlearning and relearning
- A discussion about grades
- The progressive function of the public schools
- The critical thinking opportunities in the SAT
- The origins of IQ
- Confronting failure
- Embracing trolls
- Fundamentalism and the righteous mind
- Debating libertarianism

Hour Three:
- Does Hunter think the public school system can be fixed
- Behaviorism in public schools
- Incompetence vs. malevolence

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One comment

  1. Why kowtow so hard to this guy? You could’ve CRUSHED him on a few of these things. UBI because of automation? Libertarianism argument rooted in same emotional fallacies as communism? Come on, man, crush his face!

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