[PODCAST] #486: Empath-thon (Session Four) – Reflections


Brian Sovryn and Stephanie Murphy return to the School Sucks studio for another one of our frequently requested long-form discussions (-THON). This time, we attempt to have a constructive and compassionate conversation (EMPATH-) about many of the issues I explored in the SPEED AND POLITICS series, even though we have many opposing political, philosophical and cultural views.

- The liberty movement has changed
- picking sides
- social media vs. real life
- the allure of conflict
- Brett vs. SJWs on Facebook
- privilege revisited
- Brian vs. Tom Woods: reaching out to the left
- porn problems
- the nuclear family and marriage
- luxuries of western civilization?

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Sovryn Tech Podcast - https://soundcloud.com/sovryntech
Brian's Site: ZOG.ninja - https://zog.ninja

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One comment

  1. Hi, Brett, I thought I heard an admission in here that Jan Irvin was right about your use of NVC. Sorry I didn’t care enough to mark the time. It was followed by some nervous laughter, so I wasn’t sure if you were being ironic, sarcastic, or honest. Perhaps this mean a retraction about your multiple episodes about The Trivium and NVC is forthcoming? Or does it mean that your understanding of NVC was as unnuanced, under-researched and dogmatic as your understanding of the Trivium? Are the Trivium and NVC still one in the same in your mind, or has your thinking and your Trivium cult’s thinking on these subjects evolved? Just curious.

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