[PODCAST] #479: Deschool Yourself – Why and How – With Zak Slayback and Jeff Till


Please check out Zak and Jeff's entire 8-part Deschooling series at deschoolyourself.com.

-What are the personal, professional and motivational problems school helps to create?

Deschooling Discussion:
-The disowned self
-Nathaniel Branden's Six Pillars of self-esteem as an answer to John Taylor Gatto's Seven Lesson Schoolteacher
-Provisional self-esteem
-Why parents avoid examinations of school and how that avoidance perpetuates the damage
-The self-improvement gurus need to address schooling
-New 21st century challenges to Ivan Illich's Deschooling Society model from 1971
-How to use school's means - accountability and measurement - to aid in the deschooling process
-Growth through Stoic "what ifs"
-How a lack of self knowledge can lead to self sabotage
-Creating a support support system for self-examination and self-improvement

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