[PODCAST] #469: Nick Hazelton – Teaching and Learning Through Facebook Conflicts


Nick Hazelton of an-yak.com is a young entrepreneur who opted out of school a couple years ago to pursue his passions and teach himself. He is back on the show to discuss a recent question he posed in the School Sucks Facebook group. It started one of the more educational and productive thread I have seen in the group in a while.

Nick's Questions:

Since there seems to be some fracturing of this group on the left-right paradigm, I want to hear more conversation about this paradigm and how much it really matters.

Most people in this group are Liberty minded(probably close to 100%). We all value freedom and peace, I presume. Most of us are in favor of voluntarism and anarchism, we'd like to see an end to coercive enterprise. Most of us also value self directed learning, not just from the standpoint of "take you kids out of school". But also the standpoint that we're responsible for our own education, just like we're responsible for our own well being in all areas of our life. This is the message I hear from Brett and his guests on the show, this is the theme I see in SSP. I assume people are attracted, at least in part, to SSP because of this message.

So where does this left-right paradigm fit in exactly? Since we all want government gone, people to take responsibility for themselves, and people to interact peacefully, where do we disagree? Is it the strategy on how to get to our desired outcome(e.g. lean right to attract conservatives to liberty)? Are there other things that we desire out of this outcome(e.g. marginalization of minority groups to end)?

I guess it's not even specific to this group, but the whole libertarian community seems to be focused on this split of left vs right. Are we falling into the divide and conquer trap?

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