Thinking, Fast and Slow

[PODCAST] #465: SPEED AND POLITICS (Part Three – Don’t Disregard System One)


With Steve Patterson - Steve is a rationalist philosopher and author working outside of academia. He returns to discuss the current state of anti-intellectualism and irrationality in politics. We then transition into a related discussion about Thinking, Fast and Slow. Referencing back to our earlier series, The Principles of Learning ANYTHING, Steve argues that System One is actually the "best friend" of System Two.

Steve's Review of Politics In 2016
-Positive trends including Milo Yiannopolis?
-Academia's culpability in Trump's election
-Why many in the right-leaning media are more rational
-Is it over for the Mainstream Media?
-The groundwork for soft fascism
-Nationalism and tribalism

Thinking Fast and Slow
-Steve's book review
-Philosophical problems: are people completely irrational?
-"The Hot Hand" - the zone is more than just luck
-Practice vs. luck: we can transfer slow and careful system two thinking into efficient system one functioning
-System one and the subconscious
-Statistics don't apply to YOU
-The "Academic Fallacy" in the 2008 financial crisis
-Steve: the laws of logic are the laws of existence
-Availability Bias/Availability Cascades in social and mainstream media
-Before people police language, maybe they should try to understand how people use it
-Theory-Induced Blindness

Steve's New Book: Square One: The Foundations of Knowledge

What This Series Is About:
Political thinking is often quick thinking.

Thinking quickly is is an evolution-driven feature that was once necessary for our survival. But in a vastly more complex world than the one our species grew up in, this mode of thought is often dangerous and destructive. Look around.

Sometimes some people, even libertarians, use mental shortcuts to arrive at faulty conclusions, and then engage in a process of rationalization for those conclusions.

This series will combine observations of the left and pro-Trump right over the last year with the valuable lessons from Daniel Kahneman's book Thinking, Fast and Slow. The goal is utilize examples of thinking errors to avoid making them ourselves, often without even noticing.

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Steve's Website
Podcast: Patterson In Pursuit
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