[PODCAST] #460: Time To Grow Up, Abandon “Anti-Attitudes” and Embrace the Infinite Game


My guests today are Skinner Layne and Moritz Bierling. Skinner is the founder of Exosphere Academy and Moritz is the Director of Research. These two help to exemplify what I hope more and more of what SSP will be about in the coming years - discussions about how to actually build institutions and movements in education that become un-ignorable, desirable and perhaps even increasingly irresistible alternatives to the failing systems.

Exosphere Academy - "a learning and problem solving community features 2-day traveling workshops and an 8-week residential program to learn new skills, build exciting projects with other dynamic people, and jumpstart your new life & career."

-lifestyles and attitudes that support the development of those institutions and movements
-the philosophy behind Exosphere
-A Letter to the Blockchain Community: "Until this community takes seriously the task of building durable, adaptive, and just institutions that assist regular people in navigating the uncertainties and hardships of life, it will remain at the fringes of society."

-Most people go through life, confronted with complex and sometimes harrowing economic, social, medical, political problems and they assure themselves "the best minds are working on it."
Without any knowledge of the bureaucratic challenges that hinder said institutions, especially in the sciences.


-Wasted genius and the infinite game
-Creative genius being wasted
-Finite Game (end) vs Infinite Game (keep the game going)
-schooling systems play the finite game - winners and losers
-over supply of great minds but selective and elite institutions
-so redesign education as an infinite game
-Result of the current system is that people often bring childish attitudes into adult things


"The coming job apocalypse is actually good news. It means you have the opportunity to take control of your life and set its own direction.

Embracing the unknown, dedicating yourself to learning new skills, and reinventing yourself for the Creative Economy is a more exciting and fulfilling way to spend life than showing up every day to a job you hate, no matter how safe it may feel." – Skinner Layne, Founder of Exosphere

Look Closer:
Exosphere Academy - http://exosphe.re/

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  1. Thanks for the podcast guys. Any chance we could get the name of the podcast Moritz Bierling was addicted to?

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