[PODCAST] #457: Define Self-Esteem (With Wes Bertrand and Dr. Michael Edelstein)


Reviving the Branden/Edelstein Self-Esteem Debate: Wes and I are joined by Dr. Michael R. Edelstein, an outspoken long-time critic of the concept of self-esteem and self-esteem movements in psychology. One of our goals for this conversation is to persuade Dr. Edelstein to revise or perhaps even remove criticisms of Nathaniel Branden's work from his otherwise valid critique of the self-esteem movement.

Important Background Links:

1) The Trouble With Self-Esteem, by Michael R. Edelstein - http://genteman.org/edelstein.html
2) What Self-Esteem Is and Is Not, by Nathaniel Branden - http://www.nathanielbranden.com/what-self-esteem-is-and-is-not
An interesting exchange from a Q&A at the Capitalism and Morality Conference - https://youtu.be/pMHFGfVnZQ0?t=45m10s
3) The Edelstein/Branden Email Exchange 2000-2001 - http://genteman.org/self.esteem.html
4) Q&A From Michael Edelstein's Talk, "Why Ayn Rand's Self Esteem is Unreasonable" From the Capitalism and Morality Conference - https://youtu.be/pMHFGfVnZQ0?t=45m10s

Look Closer:
Dr. Edelstein's Website - http://threeminutetherapy.com/
Wes Bertrand's Website - http://completeliberty.com/
Wes Bertrand's Counseling Site - http://happinesscounseling.com/

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