[PODCAST] #450: Academic Freedom vs. Academic…Justice?


Okay, define "justice."

While doing some research for an upcoming show, I came across an op-ed in The Harvard Crimson - written by a gender studies major - called "The Doctrine of Academic Freedom: Let’s give up on academic freedom in favor of justice."

Then all hell breaks loose.

Bob Whiting - "Shambala" (cover)

FunkyEds Blog - Some valid criticisms of SSP: http://funkyeds.blogspot.hk

Look Closer:
Philosophy: Who Needs It
Freedom vs. Justice: Are They in Conflict?
Problematic: The Battle for Free Speech (Harvard Political Review)
Richard Herrnstein:
I.Q. - by Richard Herrnstein
Richard Herrnstein
Subramanian Swamy:
Pushed out of Harvard, professor returns fire
The Outlier - The inscrutable politics of Subramanian Swamy
John Rawls, A Theory of Justice:
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: John Rawls
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Distributive Justice

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  1. Seems you disagree with the idea that words can hurt as much as physical pain. If so, have you read any of Brene Brown’s books? She claims almost every destructive behavior can be caused by shame. I believe she’s right, although I would mention isolation and psychopathy as other potential causes. I know shame isn’t always caused by words that are spoken by someone other than the one feeling shame, but it seems common for people to “take it personally”.

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