[PODCAST] #442: Never Justice, Never Peace – Higher Education’s Social Justice Infection


This is my conversation with Adam Allpow of the Voluntary Institute on how the Social Justice movement is further damaging higher education, in terms of culture, freedom and actual learning. I think it's important to stress the importance of treating people as individuals, but in order address a problem we have to recognize some patterns.

Why did I pick such a shitty title?

- Unique communication and generational challenges Millennials face
- the back-story of SJWs? the theories of Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux
- The new highest values being taught: equality, diversity and inclusion
- confusion about structural racism, scientific racism and racial liberalism
- racial liberalism in higher ed - paternalist, white-supremacist, inperialist
- Building empires on aggrievement: people seeking something/someone to justify their failure, allay their fears, confirm their suspicion and help them throw rocks at their enemies.
-SJWs are discrediting legitimate causes and projects; the damage they're inflicting is significant, producing hostility towards groups they claim to represent
- "no justice, no peace" - that's actually the goal - when one (supposed or legitimate) injustice is remedied, they'll continue to move on to increasingly contrived causes
- the progressive stack - yikes
- how to we make progress and grow as individuals? we usually have to experience some discomfort
- how do we grow as intellectuals? usually through experience of some amount of discord and debate

Look Closer:

Tom Woods Show Ep. 676 The Campus Silencers: Who Are They, and Can They Be Stopped?

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