[PODCAST] #434: Memory Conditioning – How the Memory System Works…Or How It Doesn’t


A brief (and optional in this series) neurology-based discussion of the process of making memories. This includes the development of the understanding of the memory system, retrograde and anterograde amnesia, and trauma's strange effect on memory.

The Memory Process In A Nutshell
1. external events occur
2. Stimuli encounters the 5 senses (iconic, echoic)
3. Senses transport data to the working memory - holding area
4. central processor - controls how much attention is given to the contents of the working memory (episodic buffer, visuo-spatial sketchpad, phonological loop)
5. Long-term memory - data stored and potentially available for recall, it can be explicit (episodic or semantic) or implicit (procedural or emotional)

Look Closer:
McGill University: Memory and Learning
The episodic buffer: a new component of working memory?
School Sucks Podcast Series: The Trivium (2013)
School Sucks Podcast Series: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience (2015)

A list of reliable online memory assessments:
University of Washington Short-Term Memory Test
MemTrax Memory Test
Psychology Today Memory Test
Rutgers University Memory Self-Tests (verbal and Visual)
Ohio State University Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination (SAGE)

You can use this comprehensive assessment from Douglas Herrmann's book Super Memory.

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  1. hi,

    I’ve been listening for a while now. Great stuff.

    A bit off-topic, but yesterday was “Memorial” day. Isn’t it funny how they send these guys off to die, then take a few days out of the year to act like they give a shit about the folks who did their dirty work?

  2. An interesting quote from Alfie Kohn’s book Punished by Rewards reads:

    “There’s a time to admire the grace and persuasive power of an influential idea, and a time to fear its hold over us. The time to worry is when the idea is so widely shared that we no longer notice it, when it’s so deeply rooted that it feels to us like plain common sense. At the point when objections are not answered anymore because they’re no longer raised, we’re not in control. We don’t have the idea; it has us.”

    Sounds to me a bit like forced schooling!

  3. My friend recently turned me on to this podcast, and I’m amazed at the depth of real educational materials I found here. Everything you do is great! Thanks for your hard work and productivity getting all these episodes out to your audience. I can’t wait to see where you go next.

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