[PODCAST] #429: CONSPIR-A-THON (Silver Screen Edition, Intermission) – A Sprint Through the World of Symbols


Brian Sovryn takes the lead in this discussion; his explanations of esoteric symbols are juxtaposed with the interpretations of several popular You Tube Hollywood/Illuminati amateur semioticians.

- For whom are these symbols intended?
- Do we have an innate respond to certain symbols?
- Occult Symbols (All-Seeing Eye, phoenix rising, the pentagram, baphomet, fire, owls)
- Masonic Symbols (the two pillars, square and compass, checkerboard floors, the number 13)
- Mind-Control Symbols (broken mirrors, robots, monarch butterflies)
- Much, much, much more; many great tangents

Look Closer:
Sovryn Tech Podcast - https://soundcloud.com/sovryntech
Check out Stephanie and Brian on The Sex and Science Hour - https://zog.ninja
Stephanie Murphy: Website - http://www.smvoice.info/
Brett's Notes - https://www.evernote.com/pub/brettveinotte/part2conspira-thonsse

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