[PODCAST] #428: CONSPIR-A-THON (Silver Screen Edition Part 2) – Satan, Sex Magick, Scientology and Symbols


This show might mess with you a little.

Back by popular demand! Stephanie Murphy and Brian Sovryn return to the School Sucks studio for a free-form, extended discussion on the topic of conspiracy theories. This time our focus is on Hollywood, pop culture, film and the broader entertainment industry.

What was responsible for the dramatic changes Hollywood experienced in the late 1960s and early 1970s? Was it simply a shifting of industry standards and politics? Or was it...Satan?

- The wood of the magical holly tree
- What is the Illuminati? Does it control Hollywood?
- A brief history of the Bavarian Illuminati: agenda, interactions with Freemasons, Jesuits and Rosicrucians
- Proofs of A Conspiracy? John Robison and Abbé Barruel
- Adam Weishaupt and the fracturing of the Order
- Aleister Crowley and The Golden Dawn
- What if the rabbit hole IS the destination?
- The Ordo Templi Orientis
- Sex Magick: the mysterious death of David Carradine
- The occult origins of Scientology
- Scientology and CIA mind control
- Illuminati: the godlessness that wasn't there
- Subliminal messages and predictive programming
- Do symbols rule the world?

Look Closer:
Sovryn Tech Podcast - https://soundcloud.com/sovryntech
Stephanie Murphy: Website - http://www.smvoice.info/
Brett's Notes - https://www.evernote.com/pub/brettveinotte/part1conspira-thonsse

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