[PODCAST] #427: CONSPIR-A-THON (Silver Screen Edition Part 1) – An Introduction to Hollywood, the Land of Suspicion


Back by popular demand! Stephanie Murphy and Brian Sovryn return to the School Sucks studio for an extended discussion on the topic of conspiracy theories. This time our focus is on Hollywood, pop culture, film and the broader entertainment industry.

In this first installment, we set the stage.

- The five types of conspiracy theories
- How Jewish immigrants invented the American Dream
- Modern suspicions seem to grow out of observations of strange behavior from people in Hollywood;there is no empathy
- Historical suspicions seem to grow out of cultural conservative or vigilant Christian concerns
- Names given to the general suspicion directed at Hollywood and film over the last 120 years
- "Godless" - Hollywood through a Christian lens
- Walt Disney fights Communism, or so he convinces himself
- After the House Un-American Activities Committee, who really controls Hollywood?

Look Closer:
Sovryn Tech Podcast - https://soundcloud.com/sovryntech
Stephanie Murphy: Website - http://www.smvoice.info/
Brett's Notes - https://www.evernote.com/pub/brettveinotte/part1conspira-thonsse

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  1. Interesting and entertaining set of conversations.

    I’d be surprised if you hadn’t at least heard of him but you may be interested in the work that Tom Secker does. Aside from what I would consider the definitive work on the London 7/7 bombings (if you can have a definitive work on that), he runs http://www.spyculture.com

    From his homepage: “Welcome to Spy Culture, the world’s leading website for open source research on state-sponsored culture and the relationships between military and intelligence agencies and the popular culture industry.”

    Of course, some of it is just full-on “nerding” out but there is a lot of overlap with your conspirathon shows.

    He’s received (I believe) the largest FOIA list on DOD sponsored films, does “The CIA and Hollywood” series with Pearse Redmond and very recently did a podcast on “Walt Disney and the FBI”. One of my favorites is his podcast on “Enemy of the State”.

    At any rate, someone you may enjoy listening to.

  2. I trying to guess these masks on Halloween… There is https://viooz4k.net/ in movies, is not often seen.

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