[PODCAST] #424: The Creative Pursuit – Appropriate Engagement, With David Allen


Finally...David Allen - the author of Getting Things Done

- the new version of the book has some new language for GTD's 5 steps
- criticism - GTD is not ideal for creatives?
- flexibility of GTD
- "freedom to make a creative mess" - how GTD encourages focus, creating space in life and in mind
- "appropriate engagement" - turning up creative awareness, when you're not present you miss opportunities
- the natural planning model
- it's not usually externally imposed chaos that GTD has helped me with...
the mind doesn't seem to know how to balance ideas - sudden imaginative aspiration can suddenly seem to overpower something that has be done in 2 hours
- systematizing creativity - GTD is extremely supportive of the creative pursuit because of one of the key principles: "your mind is for having ideas and not for holding them" - cognitive science is backing that statement up more and more
- The Accidental Creative: developing sustainable creativity
- split creative processes from organizational ones
- tools for creatives - version of GTD I read was before Evernote
- how the system happens in the background
- thoroughness of the weekly review

Bumper Music:
Tycho - "Dictaphone's Lament"
Widespread Panic - "Picking Up the Pieces"

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Getting Things Done (book)
David Allen - Wikipedia
GTD + Evernote
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