[PODCAST] #418: The Creative Pursuit – Seven Practices To Promote Divergent Thinking


As a follow-up to the last show, I discuss some strategies I have been using more regularly in the last few months to encourage different thinking.


- Osborn's Model Reviewed:

1. Orientation: pointing up the problem (STEP 1, PART 1)
2. Preparation: gathering pertinent data (STEP 1, PART 2)
3. Analysis: breaking down the relevant material (STEP 2, PART 1)
4. Ideation: piling up alternatives by way of ideas (STEP 2, PART 2)
5. Incubation: letting up, to invite illumination - added
6. Synthesis: putting the pieces together (STEP 3, PART 1)
7. Evaluation: judging the resulting ideas (STEP 3, PART 2)

- Set the right conditions: (1) remove deadline pressure if possible, accept and embrace failure
- For Incubation: (2) break routines, (3) find an adventure, (4) do nothing
- For Ideation: (5) read strange things for no reason, (6) list your options, (7) invent problems to solve

Look Closer:

Divergent Thinking
The Art of Thought: A Pioneering 1926 Model of the Four Stages of Creativity
A 5-Step Technique for Producing Ideas circa 1939
Osborn: Creative Problem-Solving Process
The Osborne-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process

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