[PODCAST] #412: The Principles of Learning Anything – Part 2 – Efficiency


February's Theme: A New Perspective On Self-Education
For this entire month I will be joined by Steve Patterson, a home-educated and self-taught Rationalist philosopher, to explore five key principles of learning that are translatable to just about any pursuit.

Principle #2: Efficiency
Getting from A to B with the least amount of energy, in the most efficient way. Eliminating all unnecessary steps. This is true both physically and mentally.
-energy conservation

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  1. Hey Brett. I like what you are doing with School Sucks 4.Oh! and in particular I appreciate how you take the time to dive deep into the topics you discuss. Also, great job with the editing and picking the music you use, which brings me to the reason I’m writing this: I’d like to know the title of the song you used here in the beginning of #412. In case this helps jog your memory (so you wouldn’t have to go back and re-listen to the show), you had a clip telling the listener to be like water, then this electronic tune starts and you talk about how February is a busy month (“What a busy month, huh!?!”). If you do have to go back to re-listen, the song starts almost exactly a minute into the podcast. Thanks for your time and, of course, thanks for all the education.

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