[PODCAST] #408: A Better World Starts With A Clean Bedroom


SSP Productivity Month!
Jake Desyllas from The Voluntary Life is back to discuss the process of upgrading and maintaining positive habits.

- habits may seem trivial, but the are the most important part of a productivity system
- two approaches to change: slow and steady vs. New Year's resolution
- triggers for activating habits vs. friction against habits
- How do we do it? morning routine, 7 Weeks (Android app), Jake uses Way of Life (iOS)
- no matter what else is going on, do the simple things; even though these seemingly minor habits are the first thing that fall by the wayside when we're really busy
- Jake: "Habits dramatically reduce the amount of willpower and brainpower required to get things done. Once you have implemented a habit and can do it on autopilot, you conserve willpower and brainpower, helping you get more done."
- Willpower is a scarce resource; it degrades decision to decision
- identifying resources beyond willpower
- Jake: "Habits are easiest to adopt when they are simple to understand, when you minimize any friction at the start of the action, when there are clear environmental triggers that tell your unconscious to start the habit, and when you have feedback (rewards) for completion."

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  1. Hey Brett big fan of your stuff. Got introduced through Wes bertrand and the complete liberty podcast which I’m still sad has stopped.
    My question is about one of your Christmas episodes in which you talked about covering the election. I thought that idea sounded absolutely hilarious and have been waiting with baited breath ever since. Are you still doing that? And if so, when?

  2. Stop! Hammertime! 4.Ohhhhhh! This is one of the many reasons I love this show!

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