[PODCAST] #403: The Next Level – Horizons of Focus


SSP Productivity Month!
Jake Desyllas from The Voluntary Life joins me to expand upon the two previous shows about goals. In this conversation we explore how to identify visions and purpose in life, and we discuss how goals, projects and even next actions fit into that picture. The concept of "horizons of focus" originally came from David Allen's book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. GTD provides a series of tools for getting control over your productive life. And once we have some control, we are able to gain perspective.


This month SSP has partnered with FEE, the Foundation For Economic Education. Are you between the ages of 14-26? Are you interested in Entrepreneurship? Learn More about FEE's seminars here.

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Today's Show is also brought to you by Paul I. from Whitehaven in the UK.
Thank you Paul for your contribution to SSP!

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Look Closer:
The Voluntary Life - Productivity Episodes - http://www.thevoluntarylife.com/search/label/GTD
Jake's Automation With OmniFocus - http://mygeekdaddy.net/2015/09/07/update-to-exporting-omnifocus-to-ithoughtshd/
Horizons of Focus - http://gettingthingsdone.com/2011/01/the-6-horizons-of-focus/

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