[PODCAST] #399: Podcastmasters’ Liberty Masterclass – James Bond, Social Injustice Warrior?


Our longest podcast ever. Osborne, Gardner and Brett head to the cinema to watch the new James Bond movie, Spectre. They then return to the School Sucks studio where they merge a third podcast into the Mastery for the first time. Welcome Andrew from Puke and the Gang.


(0:01:18-0:19:30) INTRODUCTION:
The British Infiltration of America, Dating Back To The Rhodes Roundtable Groups
(0:19:30-0:56:19) LIVE SEGMENT 1:
Who Is James Bond? How And Why Has He Changed? Bond's Manliness? How Does Dr. Who Fit In?
(0:56:27-1:35:55) INTERLUDE 1:
Who Was Ian Fleming? What Is the British Security Coordination?
(1:35:55-2:25:30) LIVE SEGMENT 2:
Social Justice and Political Messeges In British Entertainment. How Does Dr. Who Fit In Again?
(2:25:42-2:49:28) INTERLUDE 2:
The Irregular Lives of Fleming & Dahl. What Are Some of Fleming's Other Contributions To American Life?
(2:49:28-3:49:34) LIVE SEGMENT 3:
The Future of James Bond and Our Ideas For the Upcoming Films
(3:50:21-3:57:14) OUT-TAKES:
The creation of intros and stingers

Podcastmasters is a once-a-month (ideally) listener participation (ideally) live (ideally) show where we discuss our recent shows, projects, challenges, investigations, movie goings etc...

Discussed In This MasterClass (But not in this order):


-What is James Bond? Define
-What is the appeal?
-List of actors considered for the James Bond character -
-Why this show? We saw Spectre; What is SPECTRE and why does it rule?
"The 4 great cornerstones of power"
-What is your familiarity with Bond? Opinions, Impact


-The Origins of James Bond
-Ian Fleming
-Black ops
-writing Bond was a kind of therapy for Fleming -
-Fleming had many demons but Bond always beats his villains
-A History of Anglo-American Relations:
-British infiltration of American intellectuals during WWI
-The Irregular Lives of Ian Fleming and Roald Dahl
-Pilgrim Society
-Rhodes-Milner Roundtable
-Co-operation between UK and US
-Atlantic block relationships
-MI6 serves some kind of hidden organization?
in the Bond films
-British Security Coordination


-Is James Bond Propaganda?
-What is heroic about James Bond?
-What is he fighting for?
-Villains don't have enough texture - primarily motivated by world domination or revenge
-Politics of 007
-The Cultural Impact of James Bond


How would we improve/ruin on James Bond?
Daniel Craig: I'd rather 'slash my wrists' than play James Bond again

Look Closer:
Brett's Complete Evernote Show Notes Folder - https://www.evernote.com/pub/brettveinotte/podcastmasters-spectre#st=p&n=ed7c94bd-5cb8-41bf-9785-1aa8620fa631

School Sucks Podcast #230: How the Truth Becomes Illegal (Part 3) - A New World Order - https://schoolsucksproject.com/230-how-the-truth-becomes-illegal-part-3-a-new-world-order/

Liberty Conspiracy - http://libertyconspiracy.com/

Puke and the Gang - http://pukeandthegang.com/

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