[PODCAST] #388: I’d Really Like To Talk To Chris Cantwell (with Chris Cantwell)


NOTE: The only things being promoted in today's show are open dialogue and a respect for reality.

WARNING: Probably our most explicit and potentially offensive podcast to date.

Christopher Cantwell has been an extremely controversial figure in the libertarian conversation for a number of years. He recently lost his Free Talk Live co-hosting spot after promoting the concept of "race realism" on the air. While I disagree with Chris on many important and/or current issues (including immigration, Stefan Molyneux's promotion of r/K theory's application to humans, Donald Trump, the alt-right), I have found his program to be a much-needed intellectual challenge. Even though I began listening to Radical Agenda out of a dark curiosity, I have found Chris to be highly intelligent, engaging and talented.

Chris reached out to me discuss a collaboration after he heard my recent episode with Thaddeus Russell, Putting College Race Tensions In Context. I sat down with him on Monday December 14th in his studio in Keene, NH.

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Here are his notes from ChristopherCantwell.com:
Brett Veinotte, producer of the School Sucks Podcast joins me in studio to discuss, well, all manner of things. I sought to bring him on primarily after episode 385 of his show delved into race tensions on college campuses as of late. When I contacted Brett, I found out he was a regular Radical Agenda listener, and we wound up having a discussion that probably should have been recorded, but wasn’t.

Brett is also a New Hampshire resident, motivated to move by the Free State Project. For those of us looking to see this political migration actually make positive change for a more free world, the prospects are unfortunately grim. From rampant social problems, to misled activism, to malformed philosophy and anti-intellectualism, the FSP is infested with toxic influence and going nowhere fast. I’ve summed this up to left wing r-selective influences as I’ve described before. But Brett’s podcast guests read like a list of my enemies, so it will be interesting to get his take.

Yet, New Hampshire is but a microcosm of a larger problem in the world. A growing detachment from reality, a refusal to think critically, rapidly escalating foreign tensions, and economic calamity often seems to be just around the corner. This, I theorize is resulting in an equal and opposite reaction to the left’s unimpeded global political success, and an increasing political polarization which threatens to fracture nations.

Can this be fixed? Should it be?

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